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Virtual reality

VR gives limitless possibilities for medical professionals, and we have extensive experience in doing various medical applications.

Teaching without putting personnel in harm's way, that's where VR really shines. And we can develop your next training application for your business.

Finding calm and inner peace is very important. And VR allows to achieve that fairly easy with the right application, which we can develop.

VR is the final frontier for gaming! Allow us to bring to life your next great VR game idea.


We create immersive
experiences that stimulate the imagination

Virtual reality helps while implementing experiences which are not cheap, convoluted, not safe, even not feasible to conduct in reality. No matter if the goal is training, teaching, product showcasing, or putting any other creative object on display, Perseus will help you grasp the technology in a applied way for your company with unique designs that engage your special audience.

A fast assessment is our priority. We won't keep you waiting with providing a quote for your project.

You can start lean to get traction, and add more features later. There is no project too small for us!

We aim for long-term relationship with our clients, that is why we think that providing support for our products is important.

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